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Family History


2013 Apr 5

Welcome to my corner of the world wide web. These pages began in 2000 simply as a way to share information with family and friends. It has grown to include some of my professional interests in computing and my personal interests in family history research.

Computing. These pages are no longer available.

Previously, they were about some of the highlights of my work in computing which has continued since the early 1960s. This includes some of my former work in mathematical modeling of digital systems, and it also includes material that I have used in 2002-2004 to teach a course in the history of computing for computer science majors at The University of Texas at Austin. Someday these pages may return.

Donald I Good

Family History. This is an evolving collection of family history material that I have been gathering since about 1998 with the help of family and friends, old and new. This is an ongoing project, and there is no end in sight.

Experimental Pages. Building this web site is part of my continuing computing education, and I am often experimenting with organization and presentation. So be prepared for things to change, perhaps even as you browse. If my experimenting interferes with your browsing, just drop me a note, and we probably can make a deal. Most pages now have a Feedback link which will point email in my direction.