Huguenin Family

French Swiss Immigrants

When our ancestors Henri Ulysse and Eugénie Huguenin sailed into New York harbor in 1878, they may have been too busy keeping track of small children to think much about the significance of the moment. With them were their own three children, Paul, Robert, and Emma, and Ulysse's niece Elise Landry, ages 5, 4, 2, and 1. Fortunately, to even up the odds, there also were two more adults, Ulysse's brother Louis and a Marie Huguenin, who may have been a sister. This small immigration party was leaving behind a family heritage deeply rooted in the French-speaking mountain life of Le Locle and Neuchâtel Switzerland for a very different one on the rich farm land of the great plains of central Kansas. Ulysse made several return trips to Switzerland and spent his final years there, but the rest of his family remained in the US.

Other Huguenins came to America in earlier, colonial times. David Huguenin, also descended from Outhenyn chiez Heuguenin, came from Le Locle to Purysburg, South Carolina near Charleston in 1732. His sons Daniel and Abraham migrated to New York, while his son David remained in South Carolina where he purchased Roseland Plantation which has been home to his descendants to this day.

Vuillemin Huguenin 1423

Outhenyn chiez Heuguenin 1443

Hugonin Heuguinin 1487

Petitjehan Huguenin ____

Blaise Huguenin du Mitan 1552

Pierret Huguenin du Mitan ____

Moïse Huguenin du Mitan ____

Moyse Huguenin du Mitan ____

Daniel Huguenin du Mitan ____

Charles-Auguste Huguenin du Mitan 1782

Henri-Frédéric Huguenin du Mittan 1816

Henri Ulysse Huguenin du Mittan 1844

Oscar Huguenin 1888

Jane Mercedes Huguenin 1914

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