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Apr 2: News Updates. In the future, I will try to be better about keeping this news page up to date.

Apr 5: Family Bible of Henry and Elizabeth Culp Good. David and Richard Ross have provided digital copies of the family pages from Henry and Elizabeth's family bible. These pages have information all of their 13 children.

Apr 15: Immigrant [an error occurred while processing this directive]. This page now includes links to copies of the records of Peter's arrival in Philadelphia in 1727, his signature, and his German will.

Apr 21: Original 1753 Will of Peter Gut. A new translation of Peter's original German will by Amos B. Hoover reveals that Peter's first child with his second wife was named Nancy rather than Mary as stated in the original translation of the will into English which probably was done about the time that Peter died in 1754. The will was written and signed by Peter himself, and the administrative signature page contains signatures of three of his sons, Jacob, Christian, and Peter and his son-in-law Hans Musselman.

Apr 23: Bremen, OH.

George Beery. 1834 founder of Bremen, OH.

Apr 27: Richard F. Ross. Grandchild of Henry and Elizabeth Culp Good.

Apr 29: Fairfield Co., OH.

Apr 30: [an error occurred while processing this directive] 1740. A son Samuel.

May 2: Mary Good (GC226). Birth place, marriage date.

May 4: Peter Good (GC21) 1732. An earlier wife?

May 5: Immigrant [an error occurred while processing this directive]. To be more consistent with other sources, the primary names for Peter and his children have been restored to English rather than German.

May 14: [an error occurred while processing this directive] 1740. Links for children Samuel, Jacob, and Catharine Susanna (ancestor of Pearl S. Buck). Pearl S. Buck and Isaac B. Good are third cousins.

Jun 22: Peter Mosser and Barbara Good (GC316) (GC316) Family.

Jun 25: John Good and Verna M. Brenneman.

Jun 29: Noah Good and Susan Hollar.

Jul 12: Henry and Betty Culp Good, Family Reunion, Elida, OH. Here are the slides for the talk that I gave there.

Aug 25: Marion Twp., Hocking Co., OH Cemeteries. New pages
Friesner Cemetery
Laurel Chapel Cemetery
Old Beery Cemetery

Aug 25: Joseph C. Good (1783-1849) and Family. Joseph C. becomes just Joseph Good (GC229). There also are now pages for all of Joseph's children, and his page now connects him to his siblings Mary, John, and David who also moved from Virginia to Fairfield Co., OH.

Aug 25: Susanah Beery Good. The burial site of Susanah, first wife of David Good was found on July 22 at the Laurel Chapel Cemetery along Rush Creek in Hocking Co., OH. Their infant daughter Susanna (twin of Sarah) and another unnamed (and previously unknown) infant daughter also were found there, along with Elizabeth, the first child of David and his second wife Lydia.

Aug 31: Susanah Beery Good and Parents.
Christian Beery, Catherine Frank.

George R. Brunk, Katie Wenger.

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