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Jan 9: [an error occurred while processing this directive] (1740 ca. - 1805 ca.). His year of death and who were and were not his children have been revised based documents for Jacob's estate settlement in Rockingham Co., Virginia. This affects his sons Jacob and Samuel with his first wife, and it also affects Mary, who often is reported as a child of Jacob and his second wife Frances Groh. Elizabeth Stoner is no longer identified as Jacob's first wife because of lack of evidence.

Jan 19: Emanuel E. Good, Susan Elizabeth Hamilton Family. Children added.

Feb 3: Joseph G. Good, Anna Brenneman Family. New pages.

Feb 7: Eastlawn Cemetery. Revised, Pennsylvania Church picture added.

Mar 7: Jacob Gaiser, Sarah Petry Family. New pages.

Mar 9: Jacob & Judith Gaiser Family. New page. Son Jacob update.

Mar 12: Isaac Good, Mary Clemmer. Founders of Canada, KS. New pages.

Mar 14: Ancestors of Isaac Good. New pages for his father Joel Good (b. 1815) and grandfather John Good (b. 1777) show them to be descendants of [an error occurred while processing this directive] (b. ca. 1715).

May 23: Good Pioneers of Marion County, Kansas Bus Tour. Here is the booklet for the tour done in conjunction with the 2009 Isaac B. Good family reunion in Peabody, KS.

Oct 6: Web Site Availability. My ISP is having intermittent lapses in service which make this web site unavailable. Keep trying. Eventually this problem should quietly disappear.

Oct 20: The Mennonites of America. has this 1909 history of 529 pages with several vintage photos. C. Henry Smith has a direct link.

Nov 8: German Settler's Farm. Photos from the Landis Valley Museum of a 1750 vintage replica of a German farm of Lancaster Co., PA.

Nov 29: B. F. Hamilton. More details about Mennonite Bishop B. F. Hamilton buried at Catlin Community Cemetery and his possible connection to Alexander Hamilton, first Secretary of the Treasury, USA.

Nov 30: [an error occurred while processing this directive]. Some additional information about his 1727 voyage from the Rhine valley to Pennsylvania and the Samuel Good (Molly) who made the same voyage.

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