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Feb 5: Leon Proctor Dies. Obituary available.

Jun 24: New Pages
- Henry H. Sharer
- Hillcrest Cemetery and it's Russian Mennonite Memorial in Florence, KS.

Aug 3: 1728 Naturalization Document for Pennsylvania Mennonites. This page links to a copy of the orignal document signed by about 200 resident alien Mennonites to qualify for naturalization by the colony of Pennsylvania. It includes copies of the original signatures. The signature of Peder Gut matches the other signatures we have by our immigrant ancestor [an error occurred while processing this directive]. This is the first time we have been able to connect Peter to this document.

Sep 7: Lelah M. Kirgan. Although the grave marker for this little girl is the centerpiece of the memorial to the Russian Mennonite immigrants of 1874-1875 at the Hillcrest Cemetery in Florence, KS, she was not one of the immigrants.

Dec 10: Bowmansville, PA. Although our Good ancestors often are said to be from the Bowmansville area since 1737, the village of Bowmansville was founded only in 1820 by Samuel Bowman, a great grandson of Wendel Bauman who was one of the original Pequea settlers of 1710.

Dec 23: I. B. & Lizzie Good Farm.
Pictures dated 1917 and 1918 from Millie Croy.

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