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Jan 14: New: [an error occurred while processing this directive] Homestead Deeds. These are digital copies of two of the original deeds.

- 1764 Homestead Patent. This is the original patent issued by the sons of William Penn to Jacob for his homestead of 658 acres on Muddy Creek. The patent is signed by John Penn and carries the Penn family seal.

- 1766 Father to Son Inheritance. Parents Jacob and Susannah Good grant half of their homestead to their son [an error occurred while processing this directive]. This deed confirms the names of parents Jacob and Susannah and their two sons Peter and Jacob. The deed is signed by both Jacob the father and Jacob the son.

Feb 9: New: 2010 Photos. The photos and notes from my travels in 2010 in Texas, Kansas, and Pennsylvania are now available.

Mar 1: New: Catlin Maps. Two historical maps from the records of the Catlin Mennonite Church (1886-1962) of Peabody, KS show where members of the congregation lived.

Mar 19: Update: Jacob & Judith Gaiser. Their burial sites have been found at the Bethlehem Cemetery near Cicero, IN, just where Uncle Floyd said they were!

May 9: FYI: Google Maps Missing on IE. The latest versions of Internet Explorer do not display some Google maps. In time, Microsoft probably will fix this problem. The free Firefox browser will display these maps properly.

Update: Marion Co. Bus Tour. There is an update for page 24 of the tour booklet, which involves a school bus and a large John Deere tractor near the "Bare Den."

May 17: FYI: Web Service Change. Web service for this site now is being run temporarily on an alternate web server. Responses to requests for web pages may be slower than usual. A power outage on May 12 brought down the primary server, and it refuses to restart. It will be restored as soon as possible.

May 24: FYI: Web Server Restored. A new web server now is providing these pages. Please report any problems through Feedback. Most web sites sometimes are unavailable, for a variety of reasons, some good, some not so good. If you expect any web site to be there, and it isn't, try again later. That often works.

Jun 16: New: Trip Report, Central KS, May 27-Jun 3. This has new information about the Russian Mennonite immigrants who arrived on the S. S. City of Richmond in 1874, the Gaiser family, and from Benton, KS, the discovery of a new line of the Good family, with a Catholic rather than a Mennonite heritage.

Jul 30: Update: Prairie Lawn Cemetery. This update sketches the history of the cemetery from 1871-1881 before it became "Prairie Lawn."

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