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Nov 14: New Christian Good 1842. After being drafted as a Confederate soldier, Christiain is threatned with courts-martial for refusing to fire his rifle at Union soldiers and then refusing again in a second engagement. He was relieved from service after paying a fine.

Nov 18: Update Peter Good (GC). There is now has a more detailed view of his immigration trip down the Rhine River and his arrival in Pennsylvania (PA).

New [an error occurred while processing this directive] was a neighbor in Pennsylvania (PA) of Peter Good (GC), his fourth wife Frany Hiestand and their son Henry Good (GC8). Lodwick sold 70 acres of land to Peter who transferred it to his son Henry at age 11. He also was appointed guardian of the minor children of Abraham Hiestand (b 1739).

Update Jerry Kemper Good is buried at Prairie Lawn Cemetery, Peabody, KS.

Nov 22: New Mount Joy, PA was the point of departure for thirty three Mennonites, including L. L. Beck, who came from Pennsylvania and founded the Catlin Mennonite Church near Peabody, KS.

Dec 4: New 1847 map of Anthony Good (GC8.52) land along Black Muddy Creek south of Bowmansville, PA.

Dec 5: Update. Dates of death for Charles A. Bickel and wife Catherine Glassburn posted.

Dec 7: New John Groh. Is he a relative of Frances Groh, wife of Jacob Good (GC22)?

Dec 11: New Travel 2014 Oct 19-23 of PA, VA History Research Trip. (2) This whole research trip between Oct 19 and Nov 12 went from TX to KS to PA to VA to KS and back to TX. Oct 20-23 was done with Don and Elnor Stutzman.

Dec 12: Update Andrew Musselman.

Dec 14: New Travel 2014 Oct 24 of PA, VA History Research Trip. (2) Amersterdam Archive meeting at Muddy Creek Farm Library, Pine Grove Church and Cemetery at Bowmansville, PA and search for William Morris Fulling Mill along Black Muddy Creek.

Dec 16: New Travel 2014 Oct 25-27. Oct 27 documents slavery in [an error occurred while processing this directive] in 1780. Some are owned by a Robert Good (GS).

Dec 22: New Travel 2014 Oct 28 of PA, VA History Research Trip. (This features photos of the land settled in the mid 1700's by our immigrant ancestor Peter Good (GC).

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