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Nov 10: Update. People and places index pages resized for printing on 8.5" x 11" pages.

Nov 7: New Davies Family. This is the Davies family of Caernarvon Twp., Lancaster Co., PA, including Jane Davies the wife of Robert Good (GE). Although Robert and Peter Good (GC) lived only about five air miles apart, this research has found no genetic connection.

Oct 26: Update. Churchtown, PA, National Atlas of the United States, US Geological Survey and Perry-Castañeda Library have map updates related to the Churchtown area and also repair several broken links.

Aug 13: Update. Poole Forge, PA. Family connection update, maps added.

Jan 1: New Travel 2014 Oct 30-31 of PA, VA History Research Trip. (2)

Oct 30-31 has more photos of farm owned by in Lancaster Co., PA by our immigrant ancestor Peter Good (GC) and the surrounding area.

Oct 31 also has a short trip into Mount Joy, PA, which was the point of origin of the initial trip to Kansas of some of the founders of the Catlin Mennonite Church near Peabody, KS. Among those founders were L. L. and Kate Beck.

Jan 22: Update. This News Archive now is in simple chronological order, except for this opening section of recent additions.

New Travel 2014 Nov 1-12 PA, VA History Research Trip. (1)

Nov 1-7 covers the Harrisonburg, VA area, which is where Jacob Good (GC22) went after leaving the family homestead in Pennsylvania. This includes visits to several cemeteries with many Good and a few Goode markers and research at the Harzler Library at Eastern Mennonite University.

Nov 8-12 is the return trip from Virginia to Kansas through Cottonwoods Falls and Peabody and finally the return to Austin, TX.

Feb 2: Update. Article about John Groh added to Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society selections.

Feb 12: Update.
- Bowmansville Roller Mill. Mill picture
  from mid 1930's added.
- Muddy Creek showing locations of
  Jacob Good (GC2) farm and Good's Mill.
- Reformat Good Family Roots of 2006
  showing details of the roller mill.

Mar 4: Update.
- Bowmansville Roller Mill. Retouch of
  1930 ca. mill photo.

Jun 2: New. William Penn, including links to his journal of his travels to Holland and Germany in 1677.

Jun 11 Update of Deal, England, the port of entry to English territory of the Manheim Emigrants of 1727.

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