Alford Huguenin

1880 Feb: Born in Kansas to Henri Ulysse Huguenin and Louise Eugénie Perret. (1)

?? Who is Alford? I have talked to several descendants of Ulysse and Eugenie's children Emma and Oscar, and no one has heard of Alford. The only information I have about him is from the 1880 US census. It says he was a son who was four months old on May 31, he was born in Kansas, and both parents were born in Switzerland. Eugenie's obituary says two children died before her. (2) Alford could be one of those two. -- dg

Burial. I have no burial information. The census shows the family living in Branch Township in Marion Co., KS. A couple of days of searching cemeteries in that area did not find him.

Census takers are not precision instruments, and census information is not always accurate. Just above Alford, the census lists Elise as a daughter of Ulysse and Eugenie. They may have regarded her as a daughter, but she was a niece. -- dg


1. "Branch Twp., Marion Co., Kansas" in 1880 Federal Population Census (US Census Bureau, 1880 Jun 18). Also Microfilm available through US National Archives. Ulysse Huguenin..
Age 4 mo. on 1880 May 31, born in Kansas, both parents born in Switzerland.

2. "Re: Obituary of Eugenie Huguenin" (Peabody Gazette, 1898 Dec 15). Also (2000 Dec 31)..

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