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1847 Oct 1: Born to David S. Schroeder and Anna Harms. (2)

Andreas J. Harms marries Anna Schroeder. (1,2)

  1869 Mar 21: Maria     (3)
  1870 Apr 11: Jacob     (4)
  1872 ___ __: Anna      (5)
  1873 Oct  8: Andreas   (6)
  1876 Jul 29: David A.  (15)
  1879 Aug 12: Eva       (8)
  1880 Dec  7: Anelia    (9)
  1882 Mar  3: Julius A. (10)
  1884 Apr 13: Herman    (11)
  1886 Apr 13: Frank     (12)
  1888 Nov 15: Bernhard  (13)

1874 Nov 28: The Andreas & Anna Harms family arrives in Philadelphia on the S. S. Nederland. (19)

1878 Jul 1: The family is living on Sec. 33 of Pleasant Twp. of Harvey Co., KS. While unattended by their parents, Maria, Jacob, and Andreas get into a large chest used in the immigration of the family from Russia. Somehow the lid closes, and they are trapped inside. Their parents find them, but it is too late to save them. Their brother David also is with the others, but he is not trapped. The Newton Kansan reports this story in their July 4, 1878 issue. (14)

Maria, Jacob and Andrew are buried at the Old Cemetery of the Grace Hill Mennonite Church. (3,4,6)

A 1947 newsletter of the Grace Hill Mennonite Church reports a somewhat different story, which is attributed to David and his brothers Julius and Bernhard. (17,18) The newsletter story gives David's age as 11 months and locates the incident on Sec. 28. Before we go into these discrepancies, let's follow the history a bit further.

As we do, remember that David was at most two years old when he survived the trunk incident, and therefore, in 1947, he probably has no direct recollections of what happened in 1878. Julius and Bernhard were not born until 1882 and 1888. Remember too that by 1900, these three brothers and their parents are living in Oklahoma, and that is where they spend the rest of their lives. Therefore, what these brothers are writing in the 1940's about events in Kansas in 1878 probably is based largely on what they have been told by other family members over the intervening 60 or more years. Oral histories are valuable, but they also need to be checked against independent sources.

1880 Jun 1: The US Census for Pleasant Twp. of Harvey Co., KS shows the Andrew and Anna Harms family living with Anna's parents, the David Schroeder family. (15)

David Harm's age on the 1880 census is three, which implies a birth year of 1876. His age on every US Census from 1900 through 1940 also implies a birth year of 1876. The July 4, 1878 Newton Kansan reports his age as two. The census information implies that he will become two on July 29. With a birth on July 29, 1876, David was one year and 11 months old when the trunk incident happened, rather than just 11 months, as reported in the 1947 newsletter story.

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