Map of Anthony Good Property on Black Creek






Propery Map


The color of these is off because they were taken in natural light so that camera flashes would not damage the document. (1) Frames 21-23 are three attempts to photograph the map. Frame 24 is the back of the map with its title.

The black and white images are a bit more readable. -- dg 2015 Dec 3

From the lower left of the map....

Draught [draft] of a tract of
land situate mainly in Brecknock township
but small parts thereof extending into the adjoining
townships of Earl and Caernarvon, containing
in the above boundaries eighty two acres and seven-
ty six perches, excepted thereout a piece of wood land
heretofore sold and conveyed to Peter Good [which one?], leaving the
content at seventy eight acres and twenty five perches of
land, neat measure surveyed for Anthony Good
      April 20, 1847
                                        By John B. Good



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1. Donald I Good, "Horst on Black Muddy Creek" (75 photos: 2014 Oct 24). Also localhost/family/peo...4-MCFL-Horst/hs.html (2014 Oct 24).

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