Christian Good

1772 approx: Born to John Good (GC31) and Barbara Bauman. (2)

Christian Good marries Barbara _______. (2)

  ____ ___ __: Christian
  1796 Jun 15: Catharine
  ____ ___ __: Sarah/Sally
  ____ ___ __: Barbara
  ____ ___ __: Lidia
  1814 Dec 13: Polly/Mary

1843 Dec 4: Christian dies without a will, leaving wife Barbara and six childeren. (2)

The research update (2) says that this Christian is not the Christian (GC314) reported in (1, p22).


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2. James G. Good, "Research Tips: Good" in Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, Vol. 30, No. 1 (Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, 2007 January), p37. Also Descendants of John Good (GC31) and Samuel Good (GC36). This research note corrects the lineage of several descendants of Christian Good (GC3) (GC3) as they are described in (1).

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