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1779 Jan 28: Born to [an error occurred while processing this directive] and Barbara Brandt. (1, p24)

1804 Apr 24: Christian Good (GC344) marries Maria Bauman. (1, p24)

  1805 Mar 22: David
  1807 Sep  8: Daniel

Christian is a minister. (1, p24)

1808 Jun 22: Maria Bauman dies. (1, p24)

Christian Good (GC344) marries Maria Horst. (1, p24)

  1810 Nov  9: Esther
  1814 Feb 21: Joseph
  1817 May 14: Susanna

1838 Aug 30: Christian Good (GC344) dies, buried in Pine Grove Mennonite Cemetery. (1, p24)

About Christian
From Romaine Stauffer, 2008 May 12

"Christian Good was ordained as minister of the district soon after Joseph Bowman moved to Canada [in 1816]. He lived in the extreme southern end of his field of labor, several miles southeast from their meetinghouse in Brecknock Township." (3 p145)

[Christian] "resided a short distance southeast of Good's mill. He was a man of considerable natural parts, and, for his time and opportunities, of respectable information. He had read some books, and had an intelligent comprehension of their contents. He was the author of a German hymn, in the form of an acrostic, which he composed during his last illness, while confined to his room of lingering consumption. Its execution shows that he had some knowledge of metrical composition. He was for all that, however, a strict constructionist of the strict conditions of his faith. When by reason of careless and unskillful cultivation the farms of the whole neighborhood had become exhausted, and many of his neighbors began to use lime as a fertilizer, he opposed the innovation on principles of morality, contending that it was the spirit of discontent and an inordinate desire after worldly riches that prompted them in the endeavors to improve the productiveness of their farms. In his delivery, he was slow, calm, and deliberate, wholly unimpassioned. In person he was rather tall and slim. In dress, of course, scrupulously plain." (2 p678)

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