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1906 Feb 19: The Denver, Laramie & Northwestern Railway Company incorporates in Wyoming for the purpose of building a line connecting Denver, Laramie, and Seattle and opens offices in Denver. Two more companies also were created to acquire land and other resources needed for the construction. (4 p10)

The company decides to build its line from Denver to Laramie through Hillsboro, Colorado, about 50 miles north of Denver, and locate a station there. (5 p19)

Track rights into Moffat Station at 15th and Basset Street in downtown Denver are obtained from Northwestern Terminal Railway Co. (4 p11)

1909 ___: Construction begins near the intersection of I70 and I25 in Denver. (8)

1909 Mar: Railroad officials decide to build their station on the east edge of Hillsboro. (5 p19) It is to be called Milliken Station (7), after John D. Milliken, their General Counsel.

1909 Mar 15: Surveying a new town site around Milliken Station begins. (5 p19)

1909 Jul 10: A plat of the new town is filed. It includes 320 acres once platted as Hillsboro, and the new town is named "Milliken." (5 p19)

1909 Jul __: So far, 22 miles of track have been laid. (4 p11)

1910 Oct 1: The new town of Milliken annexes Hillsboro, and the State of Colorado recognizes the town of Milliken, CO. (6)

1911 Jul: Only 54 miles of track have been laid. (4 p11)

Investments sought along the planned route are not found, and as an attempt to create some revenue, a spur is built to Greely. The railraod falls far short of Laramie or Seattle. It never reaches Ft. Collins, about 65 miles north of Denver. (8)

1917: The company is bankrupt, and a Denver junk dealer buys its assets. (8)

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