DeWitt R. Good

Born to Daniel J. Good marries Mariah Heatwole. (2 p3)

Compiles notes on the Good family. (1) (3 p24)

1928: DeWitt dies. (3 p2)

Family Material

1. DeWitt R.Good, "History of the Good Family" (Unpublished notes, 1928).


2. Noah Good, "History of the Good Family Up to Present (1904)," copied and extended by Mrs. Marvin O. Hulvey, 1969 (On file, Eastern Mennonite University Library, 1904). Also (2014 Dec 12). These are five typed pages addressed to Grace Showalter. These also appear in a book Good created by the EMU Library and available there.

3. Carter V. Good and Gene Ann Good Cordes, The Good Bishop Daniel and Deacon Dan in the Shenandoah Valley: Good Family in Rockingham County, Virginia. (Cincinnati, Ohio: Carter V. Good and Gene Ann Good Cordes, 1986 (2nd ed. 1993) On file Eastern Mennonite University Library, 2007). Selected pages (2007 Oct 26).

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