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Good Pioneers of Marion County, Kansas Bus Tour
Donald I Good
2009 May 23

 2 An Invitation to Kansas
 3 The Pioneer Families
 4 Tour Summary

South of Peabody

 5 Joel Good, Elbing Farm
 6 Joel Good, David Kauffman
                      Willard Jewell Farm


 7 Charles A. Good Home
 8 I. B. Good Home
 9 Relocated Floyd Good Home

Marion Community

23 Noah Good Homestead
24 Benjamin Bare Homestead
25 Marion City Cemetery


26 Charles A. Good Home


27 L. L. Beck Homestead
28 George Cooper Homestead
29 Prairie Lawn Cemetery

Catlin Community

10 Baptism Site
11 Catlin Mennonite Church
12 Good and Related Burials
13 I. B. Good Farm
14 Weaver School
15 Joel Good, Catlin Homes
16 I. B., Irvin Good Farm
18 Floyd Good Farm

Canada Community

19 Canada, Kansas
20 Brunk Family Cemetery
21 The 14-Mile Furrow
22 Santa Fe, Chisholm Trail Crossing

Thanks, in alphabetical order, to Don & Elnor Stutzman, Ginny Traycik, Jerry Good, Meredith Mauck, and Romaine Stauffer for many contributions to these pages.

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