Don Stutzman


Selected Works

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o Don Stutzman, "Catlin Community Cemetery Fund," (2007 Apr).

o Don Stutzman, "Recollections of L. L. Beck" (2009 Apr 9). Also (2009 Aug 5).

o Don Stutzman, "Catlin Mennonite Church Notes," (2009 May 27).

o Don Stutzman, "Gideon G. Yoder" (2010 Jul). Also (2010 Jul 15).

o Don Stutzman, "The Death and Funeral of Joseph E. Dohner as I recall it!" (2012 Sep 15). Also (2012 Sep 16). Joseph E. Dohner.

o Don & Elnor Stutzman, "Catlin Cemetery Directory," (2012 Sep).


o Rev. Harvey Hostetler, D. D., Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler, the Immigrant of 1736 (Elgin, Ill.: Brethern Publishing House, 1912). Also (2013 Aug 27). From Don Stutzman; references to Barbara Stutzman, pp30,35.

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