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Fronika/Frene Hiestand
Fronika Taylor

Peter Good (GC) marries Wife #4, Frany Hiestand. (5)

  1741 Dec 27: GC8 Henrich/Henry

Peter Coot marries Fronika Taylor, the widow of John Taylor.

?? Do Peter Good (GC) and Frany Hiestand refer to the same people as Peter Coot and Fronika Taylor?

There is credible evidence that they do because these families held land near each other. See Fronika Taylor for maps. However, evidence has not yet been found to confirm that Peter Coot is the same person as Peter Good (GC). -- dg 2014 Jul 24

1744 Sep 7: A warrant for 70 acres in southern Rapho Twp. of Lancaster Co., PA is issued to Lodowick Metz (14,16).

1744 Nov 16: A survey for those 70 acres is issued to Lodowick Metz. (14,16)

1746 Jul 30: Anna Groff Good is deceased. (11)

1751: A tax list for Rapho Twp. shows Petter Good paying a tax of three pounds and Lodwick M____ paying 10 pounds. (17)

[lm] Lodwick Metz Home
[pg] Land Purchased by Peter Good (25-pgc)

Henry Good Patent A-16-438 (17-pgc)

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