Hans Graffe

The will of Hans Graff (Groffdale), the father-in-law of Peter Good (GC), appears in Will Book A of Lancaster Co., PA under the name "Hans Graeff." (1)

The will of the Hans Graffe of this page is in Will Book Y (2), and Hans Graff (Groffdale) died before this will was written. Apparently by sheer coincidence, the next will in the book is the one of Peter Good (GC).

?? Who is this Hans Graffe?
-- dg 2009 Jul 24


1. Hans Graeff, "Re: Last Will and Testament (English)" in Will Book A, vol. 1 (Courthouse: Lancaster Co., PA, 1738 Nov 8), Item #113. Also www.dgatx.com/family/peo...bs/1738/Will/hs.html. Will of Hans Graff (Groffdale) of Groff's Spring.

2. Hans Graffe, "Re: Last Will and Testament (English)" in Will Book Y, vol. 2 (Courthouse: Lancaster Co., PA, 1748), p 181-182. Also www.dgatx.com/family/peo...bs/1748/Will/hs.html.

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