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Hans Good (?GA2) (3 p12)

1682 ca.: Born to Jacob Gut (GA) and his first wife. (3 p13)

?? Are these Hans' parents? (3 p13)

1717 Jul 30: A Hans Guth, Mennonite, is living in Schriesheim, DE. (3p13)

?? Is this the Hans Guth of this page? (3p13)

Hans Gut (?GA2) marries _________. (3p13)

  1704 ca.: Anna      (GA21 3p13)
  1710 ca.: Jacob     (GA22 3p14)
  1719 ca.: Fronica   (GA23 3p14)
  1721 ca.: Catharine (GA24 3p14)
  1723 ca.: Ann       (GA25 3p15)
  1725 ca.: Barbara   (GA26 3p15)
  1727 ca.: Christina (GA27 3p15)
  1730 ca.: Peter     (GA28 3p15)

1728 Apr 1: Along with about 200 other Mennonites at the house of Martin Meylin, Hans signs a declaration to qualify for naturalization. (7)

1740 Oct 16: Hans patents the 225 acres "taken up" in Upper Leacock Twp. by his brother Jacob Gut (?GA1) in 1718. (3p12)

1750 Mar 26: Hans' will is proved in Leacock Twp. (3p13,8)

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