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1741 Dec 29: Born to [an error occurred while processing this directive] and Magdalena _____. (1 p22)

Henry Good (GC32) marries Christina _____. (5)

  No known children.
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1757 Aug 13: Henry's father Christian Good (GC3) dies leaving his estate, including Good's Mill, to his wife Magdalena and their 17 children.

1768 Aug 12: Henry's uncle Henry Good (GC8) and his wife Walbina buy 59.5 acres of land just north of Black Creek about two miles south of the Good's Mill. This is just north and west of where the creek crosses Route 625 in 2014.

1769 May 27: Henry Good (GC32) buys about 130 acres land from the heirs of his father's estate. (4) This land is labeled "3F" on the map of Muddy Creek landowners, and it begins just a short way north of Good's Mill.

1782 Sep 28: Henry and Christina sell their land to John Joanes. (5)

When Henry buys this land, he pays five shillings to each of the other 16 heirs to Christian's estate. This costs Henry a total of 80 shillings or four pounds. When he sells the same land to John Joanes thirteen years later, he receives 550 pounds. Yes, Henry probably improved the land, but this also is a reminder of the considerable inflation of prices during these times.

Muddy Creek Area Landowners. (1 p20)

____ ___ __: Christina _____ dies.

1783 Oct 24: Henry Good (GC32) marries Maria Weber. (6)

____ ___ __: The dates of death of Henry and his wives Christina and Maria and their places of burial remain unknown, as do the burial sites of Henry's father Christian Good (GC3) and his two wives Susanna Schmidt and Magdalena _____.

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