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Henrich Gut/Guth

1813 Will (12)

1741 Dec 27: Born to Peter Good (GC) and Wife #4, Frany Hiestand (1 p26) (5) Date calculated from grave marker.

1744 Sep 7: A warrant for 70 acres in southern Rapho Twp. of Lancaster Co., PA is issued to Lodowick Metz (14,16).

1744 Nov 16: A survey for those 70 acres is issued to Lodowick Metz. (14,16)

1751: A tax list for Rapho Twp. shows Petter Good paying a tax of three pounds and Lodwick M____ paying 10 pounds. (17)

Signature from Will (5)

1753 Sep-1754 Dec: Peter Good (GC) dies.

1754 Dec 16: The estate of Peter Good is appraised. (22,23)

1754 Dec 23: Peter's will is proved. (1,5)

[lm] Lodwick Metz Home
[pg] Land Purchased by Peter Good (25-pgc)

Henry Good Patent A-16-438 (17-pgc)

Jacob Rorer, Christian Hersey Land (White)
Henry Good (GC8) Land (Green) (17-pgc)

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