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Hornberger Cemetery

1874 Mar 2: Anna Mary Hornberger, daughter of Henry and Mary, dies. She is buried on the northwest corner of the family farm. This marks the beginning of the Hornberger Cemetery, which becomes a local community cemetery. (5 p139-140) (15)

1874 Apr 5: Elisabeth Evers dies; buried Hornberger Cemetery, just a short way south of Anna.

1874 Sep-Oct: The Hopefield Children are buried "on Bro. H. Hornberger's farm." (2)

1875 Mar 1: The Kansas Census (19) shows several families with members buried at the Catlin Community Cemetery, which contains the old Hornberger Cemetery. This census shows them still living in Peabody Twp.

1876: Henry is ordained a minister in the Mennonite church and serves as the second minister of the Catlin congregation. (4)

1877 Oct 16: The Hornbergers obtain an $800 mortgage against their farm from Joel Good of Ontario, Canada. (13)

?? Is this the right Joel Good? If so, this is a remarkable coincidence. -- dg 2012 Oct 10

1877 Nov 17: Henry and Mary purchase SW/4 Sec. 17 of Catlin Twp. from the Santa Fe Railroad. (20) (22)

1886 Aug 12: For $70, Mary and Henry sell a parcel of land 390 x 260 feet in the northwest corner of their farm to "E. C. Weaver, deacon of the Catlin Church Society of the 'Old Mennonite Church' and his successors." The deed is to become void if the Society fails to build a church within two years. (16)

This 1886 deed (16) is noteworthy because it is written with Mary as the leading name. It is from "Mary Hornberger and Henry Hornberger," and its cover reads "Mary Hornberger and Husband."

This parcel of about two acres contains the Hornberger Cemetery, and in 1886, the Catlin Mennonite Church was built beside it. In 1962, the church was disbanded, but the Catlin Community Cemetery remains.

1887 May 16: Henry and Mary sell their farm on Sec. 17 to Henry M. Cobb. (14)

?? How did the Hornbergers find their way from Catlin Twp. to El Reno, OK? Check US and KS census and Yoder (5) for more information. -- dg 2012 Jun 24

1908 Dec 19: Mary Ellen Dohner Hornberger dies; buried El Reno Cemetery, El Reno, OK. (7,8)

(8 f4)

1923 Dec 31: Henry Hornberger dies; buried El Reno Cemetery, El Reno, OK. (6,8)

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