Herbert A. Schmidt

1904 Jan 19: Born to Henry P. Schmidt and Maria E. Schmidt. (1)

Herbert A. Schmidt marries Edna V. Voth. (3)


Selected Works

o David, Julius and Bernhard Harms, "Tragedy in Pleasant Township T113" in Harvey County History, Linda Smurr, Project Director (1990), p63. Children of Andreas & Anna Harms. Article taken from a 1947 newletter of the Grace Hill Mennonite Church. Introduction to article by Edna V. Schmidt. Copy from Harvey County History (Kansas) provided by Nancy & Mel Pauls, 2012 Oct 18.


1. "Henry P. and Maria E. Schmidt Family" (Hesston, KS: Schmidt Family Reunion, 1999 May 2). Henry P. Schmidt.

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