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Johann Jakob Gaisser

1799 Jul 16: Born in Wannweil, DE within the Kingdom of Württemberg to Michael Gaisser and Maria Catharina Hipp. (8,10)

1826 Jul 4: Jacob Gaiser marries Judith Gaiser in Wannweil, DE. (10) Birth dates and names of children (11-19).

    1826 Dec 16: Frederika
    1829 Jun  9: Barbara
    1831 Aug 14: Jacob
    1833 Sep  9: Johann Georg
    1835 Dec  1: Johannes
    1837 Dec  2: Anna Margaretha
    1838 Dec 13: Catharina
    1841 Jun 18: Martin
    1845 Jun  8: Stephan

?? These names and dates come from church records from Germany, which are available through LDS Family Search. All cite "Evangelisch, Wannweil, Schwarzwaldkreis, Wuerttemberg" as the place of christening, which is never more than three days after the date of birth. These online records still need to be checked against copies of the original church records. -- dg 2012 Aug 22

Family sources (4) and (5) agree with this list of children and order of birth, but some birth dates differ, some by as much as a year.

Julia Knapp, the oldest daughter of Catherine Gaiser Dickover, tells the story of "Grandfather Gaiser" coming to America this way.

George and Jacob Gaiser, of [Wannweil], Germany, came to America first. They worked inland until they reached Hamilton County [Indiana]. They secured work around Cicero or Bethlehem.

John and Barbara Gaiser and [Frederika] (whose husband had died in Germany) were the next to come over from Germany.

The rest of the family came later on a sailboat that took three months to get here. The boat was to have docked in the New York Harbor, but due to the fact that the harbor was frozen over, they had to go around to the New Orleans Harbor. They came up to Cicero from there. This group included the parents of the above named children and the rest of their children which were the parents, Jacob and Judith Gaiser and the children, Stephen, Martin, Margaret and Catherine. They arrived about the year 1854. (21)

Kathryn E. Rose, a neice of Julia Knapp, repeats this story and provides information about additional generations of descendants of Jacob and Judith. (22)

1854 ca.: As Julia Knapp says above, Jacob and Judith and the last of their family arrive about 1854. Those who came earlier earned money so that the rest of the family could emigrate later. (3  fg/1979/eg/004)

1873 Aug 8: Jacob Gaiser dies; buried Bethlehem Cemetery near Cicero, IN. (4,5,6)

1884 May 17: Judith Gaiser dies; buried Bethlehem Cemetery near Cicero. (4,5,7)

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