Jacob Good (GC35)

1754 May: Born to Christian Good (GC3).
(1 p24) (2 p21)

Jacob Good (GC35) marries Magdalena _________. (1 p24)

  1777 Mar 18: GC351 John (2 p21)
  1778 Jul 27: GC352 Christian
  1781 Nov 22: GC353 Jacob

1786 Aug 19: Magdalena has died. (1 p24)

Jacob Good (GC35) marries Veronica Oberholtzer. (1 p24)

  1791: GC354 Samuel

1812 Apr 25: Will of Jacob Good (GC35) proved. (1 p24)

1831 Oct 10: Will of Veronica Oberholtzer Good proved. (1 p24)


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