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Father's will

1711 Aug 12 - 1712 Aug 11: Born in Germany to Peter Good (GC) and Wife #1. (14) Jacob is 20 on 1732 Aug 11 when he arrives in Philadelphia, PA. (2)

1727: Father Peter Good (GC) emigrates to Philadelphia.

Jacob Good (GC2) marries Susannah Scherer (1)

  1732 ca.: GC21 Peter
  1740 ca.: GC22 Jacob

1732 Feb 22: George Washington is born in Virginia.

1732 May 10: Jacob and Susannah live at Bockschaft in Germany near Sinsheim with the family of Susannah's mother Veronica Scherer. (1)

1732 Aug 11: The Veronica Scherer family, including Jacob (age 20) and Susannah (age 20), arrive at Penn's Landing in Philadelphia, PA on the ship Samuel from Rotterdam. (2)

Coming with them on this same voyage are Jacob's sister Anna and her husband John Musselman and several members of Susannah's family, her mother Veronica, a brother Samuel, and a sister Esther and her husband Ulrich Burckhalter. (8 p14)

?? Was Susannah pregnant when she made that trip across the Atlantic?

1732 Aug 14: The Pennsylvania Gazette of Benjamin Franklin announces the arrival of the Samuel. (15)

Jacob and Susannah settle near Weaverland in Lancaster Co., PA. (4 ch 1)

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