Jacob Graff

The 1754 proof of the will of Peter Good (GC) interprets this signature in pencil as "Jacob Graff." See the third line below "To Edward Shippen."

The proof of the will also is signed by Hans Musselman and three of Peter's four sons, Jacob Good (GC2), Christian Good (GC3) and Peter Good (GC7). Hans Musselman represents his wife, Peter's daughter Anna Good (GC1).

Peter's 1753 will also mentions as heirs the children of his daughter Nancy (GC4), his daughters Barbara (GC5) and Susan (GC6), his young son Henry (GC8) and his fourth wife Frany Hiestand.

Who does Jacob Graff represent among these remaining heirs? Who does represent each of these remaining heirs? Do some not need representation? Have some died since Peter wrote his will in 1753? Henry has not. Why is Jacob Graff the only person to sign the proof in pencil? -- dg 2014 Jul 5

Jacob Graff

Proof of Peter Good (GC) Will 1754


1. Peter Good (GC), "Re: Last Will and Testament" in Will Book B, Vol. 1 (Lancaster, PA: Lancaster Co. PA Archives, 1753), p69. Also www.dgatx.com/family/peo...3/Will-B1-69/hs.html (2008 Apr).

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