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Caution: The blank dates for some events on this timeline mean that they are uncertain, and therefore, their position on the timeline is subject to change. In so far as possible, I have tried to choose a plausible placement based on the limited information currently available.
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____ ___ __: Peter Good (GC) marries his third wife Anna Groff, and they have two children, Susanna (b. 1730 ca.) and Peter Good (GC7) (b. 1732 ca.). (See those pages for sources.)

?? When did Peter and Hanna marry?
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1732 Aug 11: Three children of Peter Good (GC) (Anna, Jacob and Christian) arrive in Philadelphia and settle in Weaverland, PA. (See those pages for sources.)

1735 Oct 23: Peter Good (GC) is warranted 100 acres near Groff's Spring, the home of Hans and Susan Groff, parents of Peter's wife Hanna. (See those pages for sources.)

1737 Feb 11: A warrant map for Brecknock Twp. of Berks Co., PA shows land warranted to Jacob Haystant on this date. (2) The map on this page shows its approximate location. About this same time, three children of Peter Good (GC) (Anna, Jacob and Christian) settle about four miles to the southwest along Muddy Creek. (See those pages for sources.)

1738 Jun 15: Jacob Good (GC2), son of Peter Good (GC), is warranted land along Muddy Creek in adjoining Brecknock Twp. of Lancaster Co., PA. (3,5) Two other children of Peter, Christian Good (GC3) and Anna (Good GC1) Musselman (GC1) also settle along Muddy Creek, just north of their brother Jacob. In time, this settlement along Muddy Creek would produce the town of Bowmansville, PA. (See those pages for sources.)

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