Jacob Scherer (Molly)

Jacob Shir

1727 Molly (1)

?? How anyone can read "Scherer" from that signature?

"Scherer" is how it is transcribed in (1). The signature shown here was disentangled from the one below it. See (1) for the two signatures together. -- dg 2014 Mar 10

1727 Sep 30: Jacob Scherer arrived in Philadelphia on the Molly (1) along with [an error occurred while processing this directive]. His signature from the Molly is transcribed as "Jacob Scherer." The Captain's list (A) records him as "Jacob Shir."

?? Is Susannah Scherer (Mrs. Jacob Good (GC2)) related to Jacob Scherer (Molly)?
-- dg 2014 Mar 8


1. Ralph Beaver Strassburger, "Re: Molly, 1727 Sep 30" in Pennsylvania German Pioneers, ed. William John Hinke, Vols. I-II (Norristown, Pa.: Pennsylvania German Society, 1934), pp I 12-14, II 3. Also localhost/family/peo...4/1727-Molly/hs.html (2015 Aug 27).

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