James Campbell

This James Campbell is the one who signed this 1807 marriage bond for his daughter Magdalena Campbell and Joseph Good (GC229).

"[Magdalena's] ancestors came from Ireland, and there is a tradition that a large amount of property in Ireland belongs to the heirs of a brother and sister who were brought to this country by a stranger."

This quotation comes from a biography of Magdalena's daughter Anna Good Horning which was published in 1890 when Anna was 64. (38, p720) No further source is given. Perhaps it was Anna, perhaps not. The 1860 US Census suggests that Magdalena spent her final years with Anna and the Horning family.

James Campbell marries ...?

  1780 ca.   : David [?? See below.]

  1785 Mar 11: Magdalena
              (2 pDanG-039)


?? Are David and Magdalena siblings? This is suggested by their being buried beside each other at the Salem Mennonite Cemetery near Elida, OH, but that is not conclusive.
-- dg 2011 May 12


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