James Davies m ES

_____: Born to Edward Davies m MD and Mary Davies m ED. (1903 p146)

James Davies m ES marries Elizabeth Sullivan m JD. (1903 p146)

  _____: Edward m Rachel Henderson (1804)
  _____: John   m Elizabeth _____

Davies (Davis) Families
Caernarvon Twp. Warrant Map (2013) over
Churchtown on Google Map (2016)
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Churchtown Area (2016)


1804: "Rebecca Good & others to Edward Davis" in Deed Book W, Vol. 3 (Lancaster, PA: Lancaster Co. PA Archives, 1804 Jun 1), pp 253-255. Also localhost/family/peo...06-01-W3-253/hs.html. This deed identifies Edward as the oldest son.

1903: Genealogy of David Jones, Compiled by Ellen M. Beale (Parkesburg, PA: Ellen M. Beale, 1903 Jul 1). Also archive.org/stream/g...david00beal_djvu.txt (Accessed 2014 Dec 30). Ancestors of Jane Davies, wife of Robert Good (GE), pages 145-7.

2013: "Caernarvon Twp., Lancaster Co." in RG-17, Records of the Land Office, Warrantee Township Maps, {series #17.522} (Harrisburg, PA: Pennsylvania State Archives). Also www.phmc.state.pa.us...terCaernarvonWeb.pdf (Accessed 2013 Jul 4).

2016: "Google Maps," www.google.com/maps/...7.6,-95.665,4z?hl=en (Accessed 2014 May 12).

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