John Good (GC31)

1731: Born to Christian Good (GC3). (1)

John Good (GC31) marries Barbara Bauman. (1, p21-22)

  1772 approx: GC314 Christian (2)
  1773 Nov 20: GC311 John
  ___________: GC312 Anna
  1777 ______: GC313 Samuel
  ___________: GC315 Magdalena
  ___________: GC316 Barbara
  ___________: GC317 Elizabeth
  ___________: GC318 Catherine

1761 Feb 2: On behalf of all of the heirs of his father Christian Good (GC3), John receives a patent for all of Christian's land. (3,4)

1769 May 7: John inherits 102 acres as requested in the will of his father Christian Good (GC3). This include Good's Mill. (5)

1792 Aug 4: John Good (GC31) will proved. (1, p21)

Son John Good (GC311) inherits his father's mill property and 24 acres of woodland. (2)

Son Christian Good inherits the remainder of his father's land and his plantation. (2)


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