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Immigration on Samuel 1732
(4 Vol. II, p50,55)

Will of Peter Good (GC) 1754

1708 Aug 12 - 1709 Aug 11: Born, probably in the Sinsheim, DE area. (4) John is 23 on 1732 Aug 11 when he arrives in Philadelphia, PA. (5)

John Musselman marries Anna Good (GC1). (1 p16) (2 p19)

____ ___ __: GC1__ Mathias (3)

1732 May 10: John, Anna and one child live at Meckesheim near Sinsheim. (4 p3)

1732 Aug 11: John and Anna Musselman arrive in Philadelphia on the ship Samuel from Rotterdam (5). They were part of a group from the Sinsheim area that included Anna's brother Jacob with the family of his mother-in-law Veronica Scherer and also Jacob Oberholtzer and his two small children. (1 p14)

1732 Aug 14: The Pennsylvania Gazette of Benjamin Franklin announces the arrival of the Samuel. (10)

John and Anna Musselman settle near Weaverland, PA. (7, ch 1)

1737: John and Anna settle along Muddy Creek near what later would become Bowmansville, PA, along with her brothers Jacob Good (GC2) and Christian Good (GC3). (6,7)

"[The Musselmans] located on a tract of land about one mile north from [Christian's] mill, and along [the same] branch of Muddy Creek, where until lately some of his lineal descendants resided, who used to relate the sayings of their great-grandsire, that when he wished to earn a regular day's wages he could not obtain work nearer home than in the neighborhood of New Holland, a distance of over eight miles. Between the Christian Good (GC3) and John Musselman tracts a farm of one hundred and thirty acres was located, which at the time of the Revolution and afterwards belonged to Ullich Burkholder, ...." (6, p675)

1754 Dec: John is a witness to the proof of the will of his father-in-law Peter Good (GC). (9)

1764 Mar 16: John Musselman and wife Anna grant part of their land to their son Mathias Musselman. (3 p479)

____: John Musselman dies.

____: Anna Good (GC1) Musselman dies.

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