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Hans Snider/Snyder

____: John Taylor marries Fronika _____. (3,4)

  ____ ___ __: John 
               [m. Mary]
  ____ ___ __: Barbara 
               [m. Joseph Brown]
  ____ ___ __: Fronika 
               [g. Daniel Eshleman]
  ____ ___ __: Elizabeth 
               [g. Ulrick Roadt]
  ____ ___ __: Mary 
               [g. Henry Bare]
               [g. guardian]

?? Why is Fronika the name of the second daughter, rather than the first? Is that perhaps because Fronika _____ was John's wife only for the birth of Fronika, Elizabeth and Mary?

When the estate of John Taylor is settled in 1745, his children John and Barbara are married (4), but guardians are appointed for Fronika, Elizabeth and Mary by an orphans court petition. (3) That petition identifies "Fronika the widow" of John Taylor, but it seems to leave open the possibility that she may not be the mother of all five children.
-- dg 2013 Feb 7

1718 May 20: Hans Snider patents 200 acres in Chester Co., PA. (1) This land becomes part of Hempfield Twp. in Lancaster County when it is divided from Chester County in 1729. It is sold as part of the estate settlement of John Taylor. (4)

____: John Taylor dies without a will while owning 200 acres in Hempfield Twp. (4) This is the same 200 acres patented by Hans Snider in 1718, but in 1745 it is contained in Hempfield Twp. of Lancaster Co., PA, and later, it is in East Hempfield Twp. The township and county boundaries have moved, not the land!

Hans Snider, A-5-336, 1718 May 20 (2)

Hans Snider Tract (10), Google Map 2014

1732 Feb 26: The Inventory of the Estate of John Taylor has items typical of a farmer and also "Sundry Books" with a value equal to "his purse and wearing apparel." (5,6)

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