Lawrence Leon Proctor

1919 Dec 4: Born to Durward Proctor and Emma Huguenin. (1)

1949 Jan 12: Lawrence Leon Proctor marries Helen McKenna. (1)

  1961 Jun 18: Mary Beth
  1963 May 19: Leonard Leon

2010 Feb 5: Lawrence Leon Proctor dies of natural causes at his home near Windham, MT. (2)

Durward and Emma Proctor Homestead
Leon and Helen Proctor Home
Windham, MT, 2002 Aug 10

Family Material

o Marian Danielson, Art and Dorothy Strong, Windham Reviews 1907-1993, ed. Louise Strong Gee (Windham, MT: 1993).

o Edith Everly, Estella Colarchik, Furrows and Trails in Judith Basin (Judith Basin Co., MT: 1976).

o Donald I Good, "Huguenin Travels 2002," localhost/family/peo...s/2003/05-03/hs.html (2003 May 3). This is a report on a visit in 2002 with Reba Huguenin in Fairfield, California and a trip to the Proctor/Jones reunion in Stanford, MT. This includes notes and photos of several days with Leon and Helen. It includes photos of the photo album of Leon's mother Emma.


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