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1847 Sep 1: Born in Clermont Co., OH to Ruben L. Kirgan and Sarah Ann Eppert. (1,2)

1870 Jun 9: The US census (7) shows 22 year old Leroy living on a farm in Batavia Twp. of Clermont Co. OH, with who appear to be his sister Ella and their grandparents David and Mary. David's first wife Judith has died (1), so Mary probably is his second. A short way down the same census page is 16-year-old Liesetta M., the oldest of George and Liesetta Schmidt's nine children.

1878 Feb 26: Leroy Allen Kirgan marries Liesetta M. Schmidt. (1-3) (10, Lelah)
(11, Fifth child)

  1879 Jul 29: Emmet Dane     b. OH
  1881 Sep 14: Edward Frederick  OH
  1883-4 ____: Lelah M.       b. OH
  ?___ ___ __: ________
  1888 Aug 29: Edith L.       b. KS

1880 Jun 10: The US census (8) shows Leroy and Liesetta married and still living in Batavia Twp. with their new son Emmet and "GrandM" Mary.

1885 Mar 1: The Kansas census (10) shows Leroy and Liesetta Kirk living in Florence, KS with their children Emmet, Edward, and Lelah, along with Loisa and Edward Schmit. Although the family name is Kirk, the table below shows how the names and ages of the family match closely those of the Kirgan family on the US census for 1870, 1880, and 1900. Loisa and Edward also match two of Liesetta's siblings. Census takers are not precision instruments!

1900 Jun 5: The US census shows Leroy A., Liesette M., Emmet D., Edward F., and Edith Kirgan living in Cincinnati, OH. (11) It also says that two of their five children have died. Lelah would be one of those.

1918 Dec 12: Liesetta M. Schmidt Kirgan dies in Cincinnati, OH; buried Spring Grove Cemetery. (12)

1934 Aug 9: Leroy Allen Kirgan dies in Cincinnati, OH; buried Spring Grove Cemetery. (13)

Table. Selected Census Names and Ages (* Head of Household)
1870 Jun 9         1880 Jun 10     1885 Mar 1      1900 Jun 5
*David       75    Kirgan
-Mary        61    -Mary     71    Kirk            Kirgan
-Leroy       22    *Leroy A. 32    *Leroy    38    *Leroy A.    52
                   -Liesette 26    -Liesetta 34    -Liesetta M. 46
                   -Emmett   10m   -Emmet     6    -Emmett D.   20
                                   -Edward    3    -Edward F.   18
                                   -Lelah     1
                                   -Loisa    25
                                   -Edward   20
                                                   -Edith L.    11
-Liesetta M. 16
-Louisa B.   10
-Edward F.    5

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