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1822 Oct 12: Born. (8)

?? When was Lewis born? The US census information is inconsistent. It implies birth years from about 1822-1828.

?? Where was Lewis born? Again, US census information is inconsistent. In 1850, 1860 and 1880, his birth place is shown as Indiana. In 1870, it is just "O." What does that mean? In 1900, it is Kentucky.

Perhaps Lewis simply did not know when or where he was born. -- dg 2012 Mar 1

18__: Lewis Markwell marries Martha A. _____. (Assumed from 18)

  1847 ca.  : William H. (18)
  1849 Jan 2: John F.     (8)
  1850 ca:  : Jacob J.   (19)
  1855 ca.  : Mary F.    (19)
  1855 Jan 8: George L.   (8)
  1868 ca.    Nancy      (20)

US census information (18-22), which is summarized on the next page, shows this family living in Indiana, Illinois and Missouri before finally settling in Page Co., IA near Shambaugh.

1874 Jan 25: Lewis Markwell marries Lydia Good. (5)

1880 Jun 22: The US Census shows Lewis and Lydia in a single household with three children, Matilda, Hylas, and Mary Ann. (21) Although the census shows their surname as Markwell, those three children are from her former marriage to David Good.

1883 Nov 27: Lewis Markwell divorced from Lydia Good. (6)

1885: The Iowa census shows Lydia Good and her son Hylas (spelled "Silas") still in East River Twp. of Page Co. as family #167, and Lewis is living with his son John F. Markwell as the next family, #168. (23)

1904 Aug 5: Lewis Markwell dies; buried Butler Cemetery, Page Co., IA. (8)

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