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1827 Jul 29: Born in Perry Co., OH (2) to Samuel Beery and Mary Moyer. (1, p25-26) These same pages in (1) give Lydia's birth place as "near Lancaster" in adjoining Fairfield Co., OH. Both locations might be right because of changing county boundaries, or one of them might be wrong.

Peter Engle marries Lydia Beery. (1, p25-26) (2 pJSG-003)

  1848 Dec 24: Ann Maria

1850: Peter Engle dies in Ohio before the US Census on December 6.

1850 US Census, Monday Creek Twp., Perry Co., OH (3) The date of this census page is Dec. 6, 1850.

Lydia Engle    22
Ann Maria Engle 1

On this census, Lydia appears immediately below the family of her parents Samuel and Mary Beery. The Jacob Huber family also appears on the same page. This probably means that they all were living fairly close together.

1851: Solomon Stemen marries Lydia Beery.

  1852 Apr 25: Margaret
  1853 Sep 17: Abraham

1854 Jul 17: Solomon Stemen dies. (1, p25-26)

1856 Oct 23: David Good marries Lydia Beery Engle Stemen (1, p25-26)

1857 Aug 20: Elizabeth
1859 Mar  5: Levi
1860 Dec  7: Simon
1863 Jun  1: Matilda
1865 Feb 15: Hylas
1867 Mar 30: Mary Ann
1859 Jan 12: Daughter Elizabeth dies (1, p26); buried at Laurel Chapel Cemetery.

1860 Jun 11: US Census. David and Lydia are shown living in Rushcreek Twp., Fairfield Co., Ohio. (16) With them are their son Levi, David's children Joel and Sarah, and Lydia's children Maria Engle, and Margaret and Abraham Stemen.

?? Where was David? The 1840 census says he was in Rush Creek Twp. of Fairfield Co. In 1850 the census shows him in Marion Twp. of Hocking Co., and in 1860, he is back in Fairfield Co. again. This probably was a changing county boundary rather than David actually moving, but this needs to be confirmed. -- dg 2009 May 19

US Civil War

1861 Apr 12: The war begins with the Confederate army taking Ft. Sumter at Charleston, South Carolina.

David and his son Joel are our Good ancestors who were adults during the US Civil War. During the war years (1861-1865), they both lived in Fairfield Co. in the Union state of Ohio. David's cousin Abraham P. Good and probably other relatives still lived in the Shenandoah Valley in the Confederate state of Virginia where David was born. At the outbreak of the war, David was 51, and Joel was 26.

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