Magdalene Whitmore

1779 Oct: Born to David Whitmore. (1) The name Whitmer is used in (6).

Magdalene was born and raised in Maryland until her father moved to Virginia. (4)

1805 May 28: Daniel Good (GC228) marries Magdalene Whitmore. Seven children. (1) Names of children from (4 pEGH-11) and (6).

  1806 Dec 18: Jacob (9)
  1811 Mar 20: Frances (12 p496)
  ____ ___ __: David
  ____ ___ __: Daniel
  ____ ___ __: John
  ____ ___ __: Henry
  ____ ___ __: Mariah

The following appear in (4), but not in (6).

  1836 Jan 18: William (d. young)
  1841 Aug 19: Judith

Becomes Bishop Daniel. (1,2) More details. (10 p58)

Daniel acquires land along Joe's Creek near the Singers Glen Cemetery. (3,7)
Explain these land deeds, if you can!

1809: Daniel and Magdalene move close to Singers Glen. (6) His mother Frances lives her final years there with them. (4,6)

1810 Sep 24: Daniel sells his share of the land from his father's estate to Jeremiah Kyle. (11)

1826: Daniel's mother Frances dies.

1838: Land deeded from Daniel and Magdalena to their son Jacob and his wife Christena. (3)

1845 Jan: Magdalene dies. (1) Buried at Singers Glen Cemetery.

1850 Feb 16: Daniel dies in Rockingham Co., VA. Buried at Singers Glen Cemetery.

Daniel and Magdalene are the second and third persons buried in Singers Glen Cemetery. (4) His mother Frances is the first. (1 p20)



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