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To Philadelphia from Mannheim (Image from satellite view by

Manheim Emigrants

1727 May 20, Manheim: A letter from Jacob Schnebli to Hermanus Schijn of the United Mennonite Church in Amsterdam identifies the Manheim Emigrants as 45 people from ten different family groups who are prepared to emigrate from Manheim. (1)

To Rotterdam from Manheim
1720-1730 Vintage Map (4)

They travel down the Rhine River through through Heydelberg, Worms, Mayntz, Cologne, Dusseldorf, and a sequence of toll stations (6) to Rotterdam to meet the ship Molly and sail to Deal to clear English customs.

1727 Jul 14: The emigrants depart Deal for William Penn's colony of Pennsylvania. (9 p1)

English ship Molly
by R. Willoughby 1806 (10)

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