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1756: Born in Rockingham Co., VA. (1 p13)

Mr. Good marries Mary Grow so that she becomes Mary (Grow) Good. (1 p13)

1789 Nicholas Beery marries Mary Grow Good in VA. (1 p13,71) (2 p60) (3 p15-17) (4 p168)
  1790 Feb  8: Joseph
  1792 Aug  1: Christian
  1795 Jun 15: Margaret
  1797       : Fanny

1805 (or perhaps earlier): Nicholas sold his possessions in VA and, with most of his family, moved by "mountain schooner" to Ohio. (1 p13)

Purchased wild timber land in Rush Creek Township, Fairfield Co., OH. Settled on Raccoon Creek. (1,p13)

1806: Built first sawmill and gristmill in the township. (1 p13)

1812 Feb 16: Nicholas Beery dies in Fairfield Co., OH. Buried in Miller Graveyard. (4 p168) Buried in the Huddle or Mt. Zion cemetery two miles southeast of Berne on Houck Road. (1 p13) ?? Are these all the same place?

1834: Son George (son of Nicholas and Mary Keller) founds the town of Bremen, OH. (1 p13)

1840 Oct 31: Mary Grow Good Beery dies near Bremen, OH. (1 p13) (4 p168)

?? Who is this? Is she perhaps a younger sister of the Frances Groh (b. 1755) who married Jacob Good (GC22)? Who did she marry to become Mary Grow Good? -- dg 2008 Jun 6

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