Mary Keller

Nicholas Beery marries Mary Keller in PA. (1 p13,71) (2 p60) (3 p15-17) (4 p168)
  1764 Apr  6: Barbara
  1765 Nov  4: John
  1766       : Jacob
  1771 Apr 11: Elizabeth
  1773 Jul 20: Abraham
  1775 Sep  4: Mary
  1777 Jun 10: Isaac
  1780       : Nicholas
  1781 Apr 30: Henry
  1783 Apr  4: George
  1786 Oct  4: Susan
  1787       : Martha

Farmer, owned land in Shrewsbury Township. (1 p12)

1780: Emigrated to Rockingham Co., VA and settled on Linville Creek, located in the most fertile part of the county. (1 p12)

1783 Jul: Deeded land in Rockingham Co., VA by John Eaton. (1 p12)

1783 Jul: Deeded land in Rockingham Co., VA by Thomas Moore. (1 p12)

1788-1792: Nicholas becomes a "five-horse man" which is considered quite wealthy for the time. (1 p13)


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