Nancy Good (GC4)

Nanse Gut
Mary Good (GC4)

______: Born (probably in Germany) to Peter Good (GC) and Wife #2. (1)

"Marry" is the name of Peter's fourth child in Abraham Meyer's translation of Peter's will into English. In 2008, Amos B. Hoover translated that name from the original will as "Nancy." Amos estimates that Meyer did his translation about 1754 when Peter's will was proved.

1727 Sep 30: Nancy probably arrives in Philadelphia, PA on the Molly along with her father Peter.

Nancy's mother dies, either in Germany, on the emigration voyage, or soon after their arrival in Pennsylvania.

1753: Nancy probably has died because her father Peter's will names her children as his heirs rather than Nancy. All of Peter's other children are named as heirs.

?? Does the Jacob Graff who signed the proof of the will of Nancy's father Peter Good (GC) have a legal relationship to Nancy, perhaps as the guardian of her children? -- dg 2014 May 25


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