Nancy Good

1854 Dec 4: Born to Noah Good and Franses Culp. (1)

1887 Aug 25: Dies of "malarial fever." (2) "Buried on the 27th, in the Catlin grave-yard" (2) near Peabody, KS.

A Tribute to Nancy

Nancy Good, died August 25th, 1887, in Marion Co., Kansas. At the age of 16 Nancy Good united with the Mennonite church of which she lived and died a faithful member. Shortly after uniting with the church she was stricken down with Epilepsy. Of this dread disease she suffered for sixteen years. After years of suffering she seemed cured of the spasms which had hitherto prostrated her, but her mind was weakened. At last she was taken with a fever that in less than three weeks ended her life.

She always seemed resigned to the will of God, and often expressed her longing to go home to God. She said to her Sister Lydia that she had a presentiment that her time in this world would be short. Several times she remarked that she did not feel as though she would live long. On one occasion she said it would be a great pleasure to her if she could be permitted to see the return of Bro. R. J. Heatwole and family, with whom she has

been staying for the past 6 years until they took their journey east, at which time she came home to live with her father.

While on her death-bed she was greatly concerned for the church, to which she was devotedly attached, and seemed to have a fear that it was drifting too near the quick sands of pride and worldly conformity. She asked her friends that they should all work with her against this evil, and expressed a hope that our ministers especially, would labor earnestly to keep the church within the limits of the Gospel. Most earnestly did she admonish her sister's daughters to avoid all display in dress.

These were the dying requests of our dear sister, and though we may pass them lightly by, they are nevertheless worthy of our consideration. Though the dark waters seemed wide and deep, she slowly and calmly passed over and now we can rejoice and praise our dear Savior who has so tenderly and lovingly borne her weary spirit to the home she longed for, and where we can meet her again if we faithfully trust our Savior. Oh, for an inheritance in that home above, where we may be reunited with our dear departed friends!

Written by her SISTER.

Tribute quoted from (2). -- dg 2012 Apr 9


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