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Thomas Syler Pletcher

1853 Nov 11: Born in Crawford Co., OH to Henry and Esther Pletcher. (5)

1877 ca: Thomas unites with the Mennonite Church. (5)

1879 ca.; Thomas S. Pletcher marries Lydia Good. (1,5)

  1880 Dec 5: Henry G.

1882 Jan: Lydia Good Pletcher dies. (1)

1884 Mar 27: Thomas S. Pletcher buys 1/4 interest in 80 acres directly west of the Catlin Community Cemetery. (2)

1885 Jan 1: An indenture between Thomas S. Pletcher and George E. Bellows involving N/2 SE/4 Sec. 18-T21S-R3E. (7) This 80 acres is just west across the road from the Catlin Community Cemetery.

1885 Jan 2: This is the date of two transactions between Thomas S. Pletcher and Joseph Pletcher involving the same land. (3,4)

?? What is going on with these transactions? -- dg 2012 Aug 3

1885: Thomas S. Pletcher marries Susan Berkey. (1,5)

  Six sons and five daughters.

Thomas and Susan and their family move to Oronogo, MO. (5)

Sometime between about 1888 and 1900, Noah and Franses Good, the parents of Thomas' first wife Lydia, also move to this same area of Missouri. Lydia's sister Nancy, who died in 1888, is buried at the Catlin Community Cemetery.

1908 ca: Thomas and Susan move on from Oronogo, MO to Texas. (5)

1928 Mar 3: Thomas S. Pletcher dies in Perryton, Texas; buried Ochiltree Cemetery. (5,6)

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