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Vereenigde Doopsgezinde Gemeente te Amsterdam

Doopsgezinde Singelkerk
Singel 452 Amsterdam, NE


Records kept by the United Mennonite Church in Amsterdam show their support for many Mennonite emigrants from Central Europe who sought greater opportunities for land ownership and religious tolerance.

1727 May: Two letters from Manheim record the emigration of the Peter Good (GC) and Samuel Good families to Pennsylvania (PA). (1,2)

1732: Two lists from HesselHoff/Höselhoff include the John Musselman, Hans Scherer and Jacob Oberholtzer families. Mrs. John Musselman was Anna Good (GC1), and the Scherer family included sons-in-law Jacob Good (GC2) and Ulrich Burkhalter. (3)

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1883: Jacob Gijsbert de Hoop Scheffer publishes a catalog (4) that numbers and summarizes records held by the United Mennonite Church in Amsterdam.

The originals of the items cited here remain at the Amsterdam City Archives. The item numbers that identify them in the archive (5) are the ones from de Hoop Scheffer (4).

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