Ulrich Burkhalter (B573)

Ulrich Burkholder

1737 ___ __: Born to Ulrich Burkhalter (B57) and Barbara Schenk at La Heutte, Switzerland. (1)

1754 Oct 1: Ulrich arrives in Philadelphia, PA on the ship Phoenix, along with his mother and five siblings. See his mother Barbli for more about the voyage and arrival. (1)

Ulrich Burkholder (B573) marries Anna Mussleman. (2)

  1764 ca.   : Elizabeth
  1766 ca.   : John
  1768 ca.   : Peter
  1775 ca.   : Anna
  1777 Jun 20: Maria
  1783 Feb  3: Christian

1804 Sep: Ulrich Burkholder (B573) dies in Brecknock Twp., Lancaster Co., PA. He probably is buried at the Pine Grove Church Cemetery near Bowmansville, PA. (2)

1825 Oct 7: Before this date, Anna Mussleman Burkholder dies. (2)


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