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1749 Jan __: Born. Date calculated from grave marker.

Henry Good (GC8) marries Walbina _____. (12,13)

  1764 Sep 21: GC8.1 Peter
  1766 Sep  9: GC8.2 Barbara
  1767/8 ____: GC8.3 Elizabeth
  1777 Feb  6: GC8.4 Joseph
  1779 Jul 20: GC8.5 Henry

Henry becomes a joiner, a builder who joins wood with wood, such as with pegs. (6)

Muddy Creek (Musselman, Good, Good)
Black Muddy Creek (Morris, Warburton (E-9))

1766 Jun 10: Three months before the birth of their second child Barbara, Henry and Walbina sell to Abraham Cassel (3) the 70 acres in Rapho Twp. that 11-year-old Henry patented in 1753 and then inherited from his father Peter when he died just a few months later. This deed to Abraham Cassel identifies the property and names "Wolben" as Henry's wife.

This unusual name, which appears in other documents as Walbina and Wallindine, allows us to follow her and Henry into Brecknock Twp. in 1768 where they buy part of the tract E-9 that is shown at the bottom of the warrant map on this page. The stream that crosses tract E-9 is Black Creek, and it is the boundary between Brecknock and East Earl townships. Brecknock is north. East Earl is south.

As this warrant map shows, tract E-9 is about two miles southeast of where Jacob Good (GC2) settled along Muddy Creek in 1737. His brother Christian and their sister Anna (Musselman) settled just upstream from Jacob.

Anna, Jacob and Christian are the three oldest children of Henry's father Peter. They are about 30 years older than Henry, and they settled along Muddy Creek just a few years before Henry was born. Their mother was Peter's first wife, who died before Peter emigrated in 1727. Henry's mother was Peter's fourth wife Fronica.

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