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___: William Morris marries Anne ___. (6,14)

"The first settlements [in Brecknock Twp.] seem to have been made in the valleys of the Black Muddy Creek and [along Muddy Creek] on which Good's mill was erected. The earliest warrants issued out of the land-office bear the date 1737." (8 p673)

1737 Jan 9: Robert Warburton warrants 177 acres (E-9) along Black Muddy Creek. (10,2)

1737 Sep 21: William Morris warrants 231 acres next to Robert Warburton. (2)

1738 Mar 13: The Morris land is surveyed. (2)

1738 Jun 15: John Musselman, Jacob Good (GC2) and Christian Good (GC3) warrant land on Muddy Creek. (1)

"The name of William Morris stands prominent among the early settlers of Brecknock. Who he was and where he came from is not known, but the orthography of his name indicates rather Welsh than Teutonic extraction. He purchased extensive tracts of land from the Penns, who were the proprietors of the soil, and some time afterwards, on having sold a part of the said land to Jacob Schneder [1768 Feb 19], erected substantial sandstones, with the initials of his name legibly engraved thereon, as landmarks to designate the boundaries of his estate." (8 p674)

1742 Oct 12: William Morris is granted patent A-10-510 for the 231 acres he warranted in 1737. (2,4)

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